Daniel Bayn

I design things that work.

Case Studies

Symphony Commerce

UX Lead

Mentored a team of visual designers on all things UX. Conducted user research, put together a UX strategy, and developed a pattern library for entire enterprise software suite. Built prototypes with Sketch + InVision and ran on-site usability tests with clients. Used results to refine and finalize the pattern library.

Spent six months focusing on the Inventory Management interface, acting as both visual designer and product manager. Developed metrics for forecasting inventory levels and stock-out risk. Designed visualizations to help clients plan their stock purchases. Collaborated with developers to prioritize user stories and bring product to market.

Betty Crocker

Associate Director of UX Planning

As part of an embedded agency team, my insights helped optimize content discovery, improved conversions, and increased repeat visitors over 36%. The key was a nuanced need-states analysis that differentiated between low- and high-engagement visitors, tailoring the UI for each. Mentored a team of UX and visual designers.

Best Buy

UX Strategist

Worked with business stakeholders to identify user needs and gather requirements for an employee-facing tablet application. Drafted product data visualizations to help novices answer customer questions like seasoned experts and interaction patterns for quick completion of complex fulfillment tasks.

Share Your Style

UX Consultant

Hired to provide UX Strategy for a social media fashion site, based on my academic work in online social behavior. Designed a reputation system built around authentic incentives and drafted storyboards for key experiences.

Walker Art Center

UX Consultant

Contributed concepts for augmented reality museum experiences from simple wayfinding to an interactive treasure hunt. Leveraged my experience running alternate reality street games, which was a first!

What's Next?

I'm looking for interesting ways to help make the social web a better place. I have ideas on how to monetize content without paywalls or perverse incentives. I want to roll up my sleeves and get to work on augmented reality, already!

If any of that sounds like you, drop me a line. danbayn@gmail.com